1st Youth Football Stars Tournament

City of Smolyan, District of Rodopa, Bulgaria, 17 – 21 of June 2018

Between 17 and 21 of June 2018 the 1st Youth Football Stars Tournament took place in the City of Smolyan in South Bulgaria, very close to the Greek borders. The District of Rodope, the Municipality of Smolyan and the local GPS SEE / Valencia C.F. soccer school of Rudozem (FC Palace) collaborated to organise the tournament which aimed the promotion of youth football in the region of Rodopa (South Bulgaria).

Through this tournament the co-operation of GPS SEE / Valencia C.F with Bulgarian soccer schools was promoted via the participation in the tournament of 2 soccer schools from the network in Bulgaria (FC Palace, Rudozem) and Barocco Sport (Sofia),one from Greece (East Thessaloniki) and finally the GPS SEE International Selected Team in the U-13 age group. Over 250 young footballers from 4 different countries had the chance to make new friends and gain experiences on and off the soccer pitch that will stay with them for life. For some of them in the age group U-11 and U-13 it was the first time they traveled with their teams away from home without their parents to accompany them.

This GPS SEE / Valencia C.F. International team was manned by players born in 2005 and 2006 from Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Serbia as part of the 3rd and final phase of the Elite Development Program for the soccer season 2017-18. The team was selected by the coaching staff of the Elite program on merit of performance and development through the year after a series of camps (1st phase of the program) which they undertook and an Elite tournament (2nd phase of the Elite program) in Greece last April (1st Valencia C.F. Elite Tournament in Nafplion).

The tournament included three different age groups U-15, U-13, U-11.

16 Participating teams in 3 different age groups:

• GPS SEE / Valencia C.F -RudozemFC PALACE (BULGARIA)
• FC RD SPORT, Rodopa (Bulgaria)
• GPS SEE / Valencia C.F - FC BAROCCO SPORT, Sofia (Bulgaria)
• FC MADAN, Rodopa (Bulgaria)
• FC ONAK, Varna (Bulgaria)
• GPS SEE / Valencia C.F East Thessaloniki (Greece)
• GPS SEE / Valencia C.F International Selected Team (U13 age Group)


U-15 Age Group

• 2nd Place: FC LEVSKI, KARLOVO (Bulgaria)
• 3rd Place Winners: GPS SEE / Valencia C.F East Thessaloniki (Greece)

U-13 Age Group

• Winner: GPS SEE / Valencia C.F International Selected Team
2nd Place: GPS SEE / Valencia C.F East Thessaloniki (Greece)
• 3rd Place Winners: FC RD SPORT, Sofia (Bulgaria)

U-11 Age Group

• Winner: FC RD SPORT, Rodopa (Bulgaria)
• 2nd Place: GPS SEE / Valencia C.F - RudozemFC PALACE (BULGARIA)
• 3rd Place Winners: FC MADAN, Rodope (Bulgaria)

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