2019 = 100 years anniversary - New Valencianista symbol

As we are getting ready for the new 2018-2019 season, Valencia CF open the celebrations for the 100 years of the club with a new and modern symbol which embodies the values and the history of this team.

Of course, it could not have been any other symbol but the bat. Valencia CF unveil their centenary crest a new symbol to mark the club’s centenary which goes back to their roots with their most distinctive symbol with a cutting-edge badge design that looks into the future. Same Club, new era.

For that reason the club reinforced their bond with the bat which closely linked to since its birth, almost a century ago now. It goes together with one of the most institutional symbols of the city.

Since Medieval Age, the bat with his wings spread which is the central figure of the city heraldry which is also linked to the Royal regional flag. This new symbol in orange complements the traditional VCF badge which goes beyond the centenary season.

The celebrations of the 100 years of Valencia CF come in a great moment as the club returns to the Champions League and the future looks bright. "The Bat is is back on the up and up", writes the British newspaper Daily Mail, which pays tribute to the work from the technical stuff at the club. “Marcelino has been the biggest catalyst”, adds the newspaper, which hails his personality and his dedication that helped the team to earn consecutive good results last season.

So, just before the new season gets under way, a new icon for both the club and the fans that have inherited a source of pride for their history and image “to accompany us in this new era that begins, the icing on the most beautiful crest in the world. It represents what we are and where we are going. An eternal sentiment".

Source: en.valenciacf.com

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