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Valencia CF Soccer Program contributes to spread worldwide the Valencia CF brand and the symbol of its colors. Valencia CF Soccer Camps, Valencia CF Training Stages and the Valencia CF Soccer Schools are three examples of this task.

The main Objective of the Valencia CF Soccer Program is to spread the VCF image and philosophy all around the world and to bring the renowned methodology of Valencia CFin every part of the planet.

At GPS SEE, we understand that building a high-quality, comprehensive experience is what opens doors for your students and helps build strong, long-term commitments with the families you serve. But finding the right sport, fit for your growing student population can be a challenge.

GPS SEE / Valencia C.F. is giving to Private Schools around South East Europe and beyond the opportunity to partner with us and have a unique Football & Education program for their students combining their school life with soccer.

The idea is:
School partnerships are a great way to bring international Football to life for youth students-players, and the benefits of doing joint projects with Global Premier Soccer & Valencia CF are wide-reaching. For students, partnerships can help develop their core skills and an appreciation for community diversity; and for teachers, international collaboration is a useful way of growing professionally and sharing knowledge and teaching best practice with an international audience.

Valencia CF and Global Premier Soccer welcome children of all skills regardless of their team preference; the mission is for everyone to have fun while learning to play football the Valencianista way. In the afternoon activities or morning sport lessons, all children regardless of their playing abilities, a given the opportunity to express themselves and to develop creatively and technically.

Global Premier Soccer / Valencia CF Soccer Program and Language lessons for the kids are only just a few of our suggestions for educational summer camps . The Kids Summer Camp is a hit as it is full of great activities just after finishing school.


The motto of Valencia C.F. Academy "we educate people - create football players" reflects the excellent work that is being done in our soccer schools concerning the football training of young athletes through an educational and competitive process fully in line with the principles of recreational sport and "fair play". It is a program based on the training and organizational structures of Valencia C.F. Academy and varies according to the needs of the player at all times, ensuring that there are different contents in the training sessions depending on each child's needs. The children from 5 to 15 years old are at the best age to work systematically to acquire a good technical training (all-in-one) that is the foundation stone of their football development. At these ages, the primary objective is the individual technical improvement of the child. Winning the games is not an end in itself or the reason of training.

The main points of our cooperation could include:

Private School will be Educational consultant of GPS SEE / Valencia CF Soccer Program in Cyprus
GPS SEE – Valencia CF Program:, /

• Cooperation with the Private School’s Sports Department (School’s program in the morning)
• Cooperation with the Private School’s Sports Department (School’s program in the Evening)
• Cooperation with Soccer USA Chance– Scholarship programs in USA
• Social programs in cooperation with the Community Foundation of Global Premier Soccer & GPS South East Europe – Charity of the year.
Educational programs in cooperation with Valencia CF Academy.
• Trip to Valencia for students, friendly matches, watching game - Mestalla For Ever(Match Day program)
• Summer program «TRIPLE CLUB» (learn English and Spanish through football)
• Organize a Football Coaching Seminar

Our company provides the partner school with English-speaking football coaches who have worked at Global Premier Soccer or at the Academy of Valencia C.F. The Number of coaches will depend on the duration of the program’s operation and the needs of the school. The coaches will be trained in the GPS SEE / Valencia C.F. soccer program and they will be able to deliver specialized coaching services for the specific needs of the “Private Schools Program”.

Administrative Support / Operation
The duration of the program and the exact training schedule (days and hours per day and week) can be customized according to the specific needs of the school.
GPS SEE / Valencia C.F.will support the schools’ Sport department in terms of organizational, operational, and marketing aspects through its know-how.

✔ Specialized Counselor for the daily operation of the program
✔ Customized design of the program
✔ Press Office (Organizing of press conference / press releases)
✔ Creation of promoting and communication material (Pintables/Web/Social Media).
✔ Evaluation and feedback of the program at the end of the program

Marketing Material
Wecan design the program’s marketing identity in cooperation with the schools’ Marketing Department. Promotional material can be tailor made according to the needs of each hotel partner and can among other include but not limited to the following:

✔ Personalized Logo «Soccer School» of the Private School
✔ Poster
✔ Informational Leaflet
✔ Banners (for the fields)
✔ Rollupindoor space
✔ Application Form
✔ Certificate of Participation

Use of Logos
The private school partnerwill have the right to use to use for promotional and communication reasons, the material (photographs, texts, etc.) bearing or affixing the GPS SEE / Valencia C.F., the logo and distinctive feature of GPS SEE / Valencia C.F. for the entire duration of our agreement.

The educational project of the VCF academy in the Ciutat Esportiva

This documentary is part of the educational project of the VCF Academy, whose aim is the integral development of the young footballers who are trained under the responsibility of Valencia CF at the Ciudad Esportiva -which includes both sporting and personal development. The objective is to emphasise the importance of aspects of personal development (academic studies, role of teachers, tutors, coaches, parents, etc.).
The heads of the VCF Academy are carrying out work to define the "personal profile" that they want to instill in the boys and girls at the VCF Academy, with essential aspects such as:

1. The development of personal autonomy.
2. Learning the skills necessary for competition ('Learning to Compete'), with respect always a maximum exponent.
3. The transmission of Valencianista sentiment through the values of the most significant players in the history of the club.

Using the 'VCF Personal Profile,' different actions will be implemented such as the 'School for Parents,' with periodic talks, specific training of coaches and the smooth communication with the associated schools. This documentary will be used throughout this project aimed at players, their parents and coaches, as well as the Football Schools associated with Valencia CF.

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