GPS SEE / Valencia CF Network

JAG Winning Sports has partnered with GLOBAL PREMIER SOCCER in order to co-operate leading International Soccer Program for Valencia CF in the area of Southeast Europe in 15 countries including Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Lebanon, Turkey, Former Yugoslavic Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Albania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Moldova and Kosovo.

The GPS Southeast Europe / Valencia C.F. Soccer Program aims to spread the Valencia C.F. image and philosophy all around the Region and to bring the renowned methodology of Valencia C.F. in every part of these 15 countries. The GPS Southeast Europe Valencia C.F. Soccer Program will act as an extensive scouting network for Valencia CF. Through the various training and scouting recruitment programs the best players in every age group from the age of 11 to the age of 18 will have the opportunity to be seen and tried in the Valencia CF Academy every year.

GPS SEE / Valencia CF Soccer Schools