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The municipalities of Poros and Trizina- Methana in cooperation with the soccer school network of GPS SEE / Valencia C.F. are co-organizing the THESEUS YOUTH CUP for two years now in the area of Poros and Trizina-Methana.

The “Theseus Youth Cup” has been held with a great success two years in a row. The goal of the tournament is to set every year even higher standards and records in the quality and quantity of the participating teams and talented players.

The “1st Theseus” had an international appeal and attracted youth teams of professional clubs from Greece such as Panathinaikos F.C. and Apollon Smirnis and from abroad such as FC Volendam from Holland, FC Luvcheta from Bulgaria and Keravnos S.C. from Cyprus.

In the “2ndTheseus”, the participants were given the chance to compete against to some of the most talented young athletes born in the years 2005 to 2010. At least 400 participants from Greece, Bulgaria and Cyprus were there for a “GPS SEE / Valencia C.F. football festival”.

The Theseus Youth Cup is giving to the participating players the opportunity to play quality football, learn the values of teamwork and fair-play and at the same time enjoy their stay in a beautiful part of Greece.

The island of Poros is located at the southern end of the Saronic Gulf, near the Peloponnese coast. It has an area of 23km and counts 3,993 inhabitants. The municipality of Poros covers also significant part of continental Peloponnese, from the town of Galatas to the coast facing the island of Hydra. The total area of the municipality is 36km. The island is 28 nautical miles away from the port of Piraeus and is connected to the port daily by ferry boats and hydrofoils. It is also accessible via Galatas by road, by car (178km from Athens or app. 2 hours) or by coach. It boasts beautiful beaches and pine-covered hills. It is ideal for water sport lover and possesses one of the largest and safest natural harbors of Greece.

The Municipality of Trizina-Methana is a place of rare natural beauty, offering opportunities for exploration, (discovery and adventure) to the lovers of antiquity and nature as well. The broad landscape includes clean beaches, a volcano, thermal spas, archaeological sites and (breathtaking) scenery.
A perfect combination of sea and mountains.Endless valleys of orange trees, lemon trees, tangerine trees and olive groves.Mountainous areas of distinctive geological interest, flanked by dense, deep green forests and beautiful canyons.Beautiful pebbled or sandy beaches with clean (shining) blue-green waters. A rural area featuring important stories, various archaeological sites and archaeological finds.

All participating teams will lodge in 3* or 4* hotels in the area of Poros or Galatas. This includes three nights stay in triple rooms for the players and in double rooms for the team staff (group leader, coach). All rooms have separate beds.

Full board meals are provided by the restaurant of every hotel.The schedule of the meals will be known to all teams after the organizing committee finalizes the game schedule.

The island of Poros can be accessed by boat from the port of Piraeus in Athens ( or from the port of Galatas.
Access to Galatas area is made by car or bus through the existing highway network. The city of Galatas is 161 km away from Athens (2 and a half hours drive).
The internal transportation for the needs of the tournament (hotel to the fields and vice versa) will be made by the organizing committee. Each team is responsible for the transportation from its home city to Poros and vice versa. The organizing committee can arrange, upon request, means of transportation from Athens (e.g. bus) to Porosat an additional cost.

All the participants of the tournament will be given certificates of participation. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams of each group will be given metals. Cup trophy will be given to the winning teams of each group.

To learn more details about this year’s “Theseus” send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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