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The GPS Southeast Europe Valencia C.F. Soccer Program aims to spread the Valencia C.F. image and philosophy all around the world and to bring the renowned methodology of Valencia C.F. in every part of the planet. The GPS Southeast Europe Valencia C.F. Soccer Program will act as an extensive scouting network for Valencia CF.

One of the most important aspects of the soccer program is the education of the coaches who will be teaching it to the kids in each country. They represent the essence of the program. Coaches in each country will be trained to the Valencia C.F. Academy methodology, model of play and model of training adapted to the needs and the context of the country. Responsible for this will be highly qualified coaches from GPS and Valencia CF, with previous experience in the Valencia CF Academy.

Every year, the coaches from each country will have the opportunity to attend two South East Europe Regional Seminaries. Coaches could make technical trip to Greece to be further educated along with the counterparts from all countries of Southeast Europe. Additionally GPS SEE organizes one Nationwide Seminar in each country and also one Coaching Clinic in each Soccer School.

Furthermore, the technical Director of each soccer school/club/private school will have the opportunity to participate in the annual “Technical Visit” to the Valencia C.F Academy for 4 days were they will be trained in the coaching methodology of the club attending seminars, training sessions and games of the Spanish club’s academy.

Coaches’ education is the keystone to the successful development of every soccer school. Towards this, the technical director of each soccer school will have the opportunity to participate on regular Online Conferences with the directors of the coaching program in order to get constant feedback and further education throughout the year.

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