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The main Objective of the Valencia CF Soccer Program is to spread the VCF image and philosophy all around the world and to bring the renowned methodology of Valencia CF in every part of the planet.

Valencia C.F and GPS South East Europe are providing partnership opportunities to soccer schools, academies, amateur or professional clubs, private or international schools and hotels & resorts interested in co-operating with one of the best and most recognized clubs in European football.

The organizations with which we will partner will be selected on a limited basis having as the most important criteria their willingness to adapt to the philosophy and methodology of the «Global Premier Soccer / Valencia CF» program.

Global Premier Soccer SEE and Valencia CF are providing PARTNERSHIP opportunities for organizations interested in partnering with one of the biggest brands in European Soccer.
Greece, Cyprus, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Moldova, Lebanon, Serbia, Turkey, Albania, FYROM, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro

GPS was founded in 2001 with a mission to establish a new and unique player development model in the US. We have been successful in other areas of the world in building partnerships with community based soccer groups, as we have always valued their integral role in the player development process. GPS is currently active in over 26 US States and territories plus Canada and Puerto Rico providing support in all aspects of running a successful soccer club – curriculum, coach development, club systems and alignment, professional coach support, program development, marketing etc. We are committed to providing the best possible environment for youth soccer players to develop and achieve success.

GPS SEE can deliver a variety of services dependent on your program’s needs. These range from placing an experienced and dedicated staff member within the organization on a yearly basis in a Director of Coaching role, through to providing enthusiastic and energetic coaches to run specific practices and clinics set-up by the organization on an as-contracted basis. GPS SEE is unique as an organization as it has always valued the role of community based soccer programs. GPS believes this has been a vital factor in our success.

GPS & JAG Winning Sports can offer 4 ways of partnership through the GPS SEE / Valencia CF Soccer Program:

Soccer School Program

Soccer Camps

Private Schools Program

Hotel Program


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